Vou colar a carta que eu fiz hoje de tarde, não tá "ótima", acho que vou mudar muito ainda, na verdade tem muito de mim que eu quero dizer mas não disse na carta. E como esse é o primeiro contato que eu vou ter com a Host Family eu quero que eles tenham certeza de como eu sou..



"Dear Family,

My name is Josiane Neves, I'm the newest applicant for the Au Pair program, I hope that with this letter you learn as much as you can about be and clarify all your doubts as well.

First of all, I'd like to say that there's one thing that I think that's more important than anything, which is honesty. Being in a home that it's not my own is a huge responsability for me, to "fit" in your family and be welcome there, so if there's something wrong, be sure that I will talk to you, with all the honesty that I'm talking about, and I really hope you do the same.

I'm 18 years old, which means that I'll be underage in the US. In my opinion, that is not important, once that I don't usualy drink and don't like parties, so it wouldn't be an issue if I'm not allowed to go to certain places. As a matter of fact my "version" of fun is only friends together watching a movie and talking, and that's what I do here in my hometown.

My experience with children is something that I feel very proud of; I've been working with babies and older kids for more than a year and those "little people" are the ones I truly love and care about. I've watched them growing up stronger, I've spent plenty of time teaching them how to walk, how to speak, and that's the most amazing thing: Realize that all the time you've dedicated to something is really worth it. Besides, I've learnt a lot from them as well.

What makes me feel equaly or even more proud of is my family. My father works for a company called NIAGARA, he's the one who totaly gave me support with this program, he encoraged me to learn English, to keep on studying, to read a lot, he always told me to give my best to everything I consider as important, and thanks to him, I've learnt Ensligh by myself, watching subtitles movies, reading and also playing videogames, everything with him by my side. Actually, we do all these things together until now.

My mother is our "menager", she takes care of everything and everybody, she taught me about respect, values, confidence, honesty and everything a person needs to know to be true to anybody and yourself.

I have a older sister, she's twenty years old and is currently studying Ocupational Therapy at college. She always liked to help and take care of everybody, she really thinks about everybody's needs and she will surely be a amazing doctor.

There's two more "people" that are part of our family, which are my dog Jimmy and my cockatiel Catita, they are our little babies.

I got my driver's license this year, but since then I'm driving around the city and practicing as much as I can. I feel really comfortable when I'm driving and I don't have any problem to drive with kids in the car.

It's very important to me that you feel comfortable with me around, I know that hiring a new person who doesn't know your language or your country well and give to this person such a huge responsability is a very tough decision, so I'd like to say that I'm here to help and make this decision as easy as possible. Thank you very much for reading this.

Josiane. "